Looking back at 2005 ...and forward to 2006

The season is now long over and it's time to reflect a bit over the past year.

I set a new personal record by driving a total of 9.267 km.
This was mainly due to two things: A long trip through the Baltic countries and the fact that the season was a bit longer this year than normally. I took my last trip on October 30th - a fine day with blue skies and about 13 degrees C.

I also got a few new bits and pieces for the bike: A new touring backseat, a sissybar and a luggage rack. The main reason was that my girlfriend was gonna meet me in Stockholm, Sweden when I returned from the Baltic trip - we saw Stockholm and she joined me on the bike for the trip home through Sweden. We spent 4 days (1.100 km) taking in the sights around the big lake of Vätteren and south.

So what's planned for 2006? Three things: An extened weekend trip to Germany in June and hopefully a trip to the North Cape in Norway in July. We have about 16 days available to do this trip - it's around 6.000 km there and back ...

Later, in November I'm going on a trip around Florida on a rented Harley. We start out in Orlando and go all the way out to Key West and back again. This is gonna be great way to end the season. Hopefully there won't be too many hurricanes ...